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Large Big Green Egg
Large Big Green EggMini, small, medium, and large big green eggs in nestsbig green egg component diagramchild cooking on big green egg with family

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Large Big Green Egg

Item No.: 11275lhda
This product can be purchased from our Sonoma, California showroom. Please call 877-688-3672 for more information.

  • Reaches Cooking Temperature in 10 Minutes
  • Easy To Clean Up
  • Better Tasting Food
  • Faster Cooking Time
Product Features
Color: GreenCapacity: The Large Big Green Egg can Cook:
  • One 20 lb Turkey
  • 12 Burgers
  • 6 Whole Chickens
  • 8 Steaks
  • 7 Rack of Ribs Vertically
  • Measurements: 18.25 Inch Cooking Grid
    Grill Dimensions 30" H x 21" W x 21" D
    Materials: Enameled Ceramic
    Fuel Type: CharcoalIgnition Type: Manual
    Main Grill
    Surface Area:
    255 sq. in. of Grilling AreaHeat Setting: Precise Heat Settings
    Large Big Green Egg
    Spring Assisted Band
    Temperature Gauge
    Cast Iron Metal Top
    Ceramic Top
    Stainless Steel Vent Door
    3 Ceramic Feet
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Mfg SKU: lhdaShipping: Ships the Same or Next Business Day
    Showroom Code: LHDA-C572-X880

    Large Big Green Egg

    The Big Green Egg revolutionizes the way backyard barbecue enthusiasts prepare their favorite meals. Insulated ceramic construction, paired with a highly functioning ventilation system, cooks foods precisely at their optimal cooking temperature. Steaks and burgers seared to juicy doneness, pies and cobblers baked to a golden brown, and briskets and ribs slowly smoked over a low heat are expertly executed in the Big Green Egg grill.

    The Large Big Green Egg is the most popular model, outfitted with an 18-inch diameter-cooking surface. A 20-pound turkey easily fits on the porcelain-coated stainless steel cooking grates as does 12 burgers or 8 steaks. The Large Big Green Egg is the perfect size to accommodate most families and their guests.

    All parts of the Big Green Egg grill play an integral part in its success. From the ceramic top to the draft door, air strategically flows inside this Big Green Egg smoker creating and maintaining just the right size fire. Ceramic interior parts are made of the same space-age ceramic material used in the Big Green Egg, which provide unparalleled moisture retention for all foods prepared, regardless of the temperature. Ceramic parts also mean foods cooked on the Big Green Egg smoker grill donít taste unnatural or metallic.

    Bbq cooking insiders know that slow, consistent heat is the key to great barbecued meats in a bbq smoker. The Big Green Egg grill maintains a temperature of as low as 200 degrees for up to 12 hours on a single application of natural lump coal. And bringing the grill up to temperatures above 700 degrees for juicy seared steaks takes just 10 minutes. Extinguishing coals for future use is easy to do and saves time and money.

    Let Outdora introduce you to your new Big Green Egg. Call Outdora today for an unbeatable price and expert customer service on all Big Green Egg Grills and Big Green Egg Accessories.

    This Big Green Egg Includes:
    • Large Heavy Duty Big Green Egg
    • Spring Assisted Band
    • Temperature Gauge
    • Cast Iron Metal Top For Cooking
    • Ceramic Top For Storage
    • Stainless Steel Vent Door
    • Three Ceramic Feet
    Due to territory restrictions, Outdora can only place Big Green Egg orders in California, Nevada and Arizona.

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    Large Big Green Egg Nest
    Egg Mate for Large Big Green Egg
    Fish Grill for Big Green Egg
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