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Extra large Big Green Egg
Extra Large Big Green EggMini, small, medium, and large big green eggs in nestsbig green egg component diagramchild cooking on big green egg with family

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Extra Large Big Green Egg

Item No.: 11275xlhda
This product can be purchased from our Sonoma, California showroom. Please call 877-688-3672 for more information.

  • Reaches Cooking Temperature in 10 Minutes
  • Easy To Clean Up
  • Better Tasting Food
  • Faster Cooking Time
Product Features
Color: GreenCapacity: The XL Big Green Egg can Cook:
  • Two 20 lbs Turkey
  • 24 Burgers
  • 11 Whole Chickens
  • 12 Steaks
  • 14 Rack of Ribs Vertically
  • Measurements: 24 Inch Cooking Grid
    Grill Dimensions 27.25" H x 26.5" W x 26.5" D
    Materials: Enameled Ceramic
    Fuel Type: CharcoalIgnition Type: Manual
    Main Grill
    Surface Area:
    452 sq. in. of Grilling AreaHeat Setting: Precise Heat Control
    Extra Large Heavy Duty Big Green Egg
    Spring Assisted Band
    Temperature Gauge
    Cast Iron Metal Top
    Ceramic Top
    Stainless Steel Vent Door
    Weight: 205 lbs
    Mfg SKU: xlhdaShipping: Ships the Same or Next Business Day
    Showroom Code: XLHDA-C780-X1169

    Extra Large Big Green Egg

    Smoke your favorite meats, grill up to 24 burgers, and bake seasonal fruit cobblers for family and guests on the Big Green Egg grill. With a 24-inch cooking grid, measuring 452 square inches of cooking surface, the XL Big Green Egg is large enough to prepare food for large groups, yet it’s still flexible enough to service all your bbq cooking needs.

    The trademark “egg” shape is intentionally designed to maximize cooking space where the smoker grill is at its largest. Tapered at both ends, the adjustable ceramic top and bottom draft door control the air circulating inside the grill. This precise control gives great variation for cooking all types of foods, from high-heat grilling, medium-heat baking, to low- and slow-cooked bbq smoker foods.

    Made of state-of-the-art ceramic, the Big Green Egg grill retains moisture in foods that other grills can’t. With thick insulated walls, there is less shrinkage on burgers, more moisture in fish, and the most succulent bbq ever with the Big Green Egg grill. An extra-thick exterior glaze with a lifetime warranty keeps your Big Green Egg smoker looking like new for years.

    Properly smoked meats take hours to cook, and XL Big Green Egg can handle the job in all types of weather. Frigid cold is no match for the Egg’s tight seal and well-constructed parts. Setting your egg to a 12-hour smoke, even in the dead of winter, is perfectly normally for fans of this amazing smoker. Just let your Big Green Egg grill do all the work while the party heats up inside.

    Fueling your XL Egg is best done with natural lump charcoal. There are no lighter fluids or toxic briquettes for this smoker grill. The XL Egg is raring to go in as little as 10 minutes and will cook for hours. If the coal is not entirely used up, simply light it again for another round of cooking.

    Outdora carries a full line of Big Green Egg Grills and Big Green Egg Accessories.

    This Big Green Egg Includes:
    • Extra Large Big Green Egg
    • Spring Assisted Band
    • Temperature Gauge
    • Cast Iron Metal Top For Cooking
    • Ceramic Top For Storage
    • Stainless Steel Vent Door

    Due to territory restrictions, Outdora can only place Big Green Egg orders in California, Nevada and Arizona.

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    Extra Large Big Green Egg Nest
    Egg Mate for Extra Large Big Green Egg
    Extra Large Big Green Egg Accessory Pack
    Ash Tool for Extra Large Big Green Egg
    Porcelain V-Rack for Extra Large to Medium Big Green Eggs
    Flat Baking Stone for Extra Large Big Green Egg
    Fish Grill for Big Green Egg
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