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Greenhouse Dual Shutter Vent with Fan
Greenhouse Dual Shutter Vent with FanGreenhouse Dual Shutter Vent with Fan

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Greenhouse Dual Shutter Vent with Fan

Item No.: 16175shutter2
List Price: $597.99
Sale Price: $459.81   (23% off)
Ready to Ship in 2 to 3 Business Days

Synchronized Louvers: 

  • Dual shutter vent with thermostat-controlled fan
  • Select from motorized and non-motorized models
  • The motorized version includes synchronized louvers
  • Maintains the desired temperature in your greenhouse
Product Features
Measurements: 12" L x 12" WMfg SKU: shutter2
Shipping: Ready to Ship in 2 to 3 Business Days

Greenhouse Dual Shutter Vent with Fan

Greenhouse fans create a healthy growing environment for garden greenhouse plants by maintaining a steady, constant temperature at all times, and Juliana Dual Shutter Vent Greenhouse Fans are thermostatically controlled. Horticulture enthusiasts will appreciate this automatic model that provides a simple way to control the heat in a cultivating space. Juliana makes two types of shutter vent greenhouse fans for your hobby greenhouse: motorized, with synchronized louvers, and non-motorized.

The motorized version with synchronized louvers includes a thermostat and a motorized intake shutter that draws in fresh air. The non-motorized version of these growing supplies also includes a thermostat, and you can add extra ventilation by keeping a window or door open. It’s easy to get started: mount this model into the wall, set the thermostat to the temperature at which you’d like it to activate, and you’re done.

Browse greenhouse fans for Juliana Greenhouse Kits—we have Compact, Basic, or Premium greenhouses, and small-scale growing racks. This specialty manufacturer also creates shade cloths, misting and cooling systems, insulation kits and other corresponding accessories. Create a climate-controlled environment with ventilation systems from Outdora and ensure garden varieties thrive with Juliana Greenhouse Fans.

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