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The Essential Picnic Check List

We at Outdora believe that a little bit of preparation and the right gear can save you disappointment and frustration when you’re picnicking.  In an effort to save you time and suffering we’ve compiled what we think is a list of the essential items to take with you on your outdoor dining adventures.  Print this page and use the check list the next time you plan a picnic outing.

Basic Picnic Items

__  Cooler or insulated picnic tote, picnic basket, or picnic backpack
__  Utensils and tools (can opener, corkscrew, serving spoons, etc.)
__  Cutting board
__  Flatware and Silverware
__  Cups for beverages
__  Wine Glasses
__  Napkins
__  Table cloth
__  Picnic Blanket
__  A plastic tarp to put under your blanket if the ground is wet
__  Extra layers of clothing if the weather changes
__  Wet naps for clean up
__  Outdoor games
__  Insect Repellant
__  Sunscreen
__  Garbage bags
__  Plenty of Water

Grilling Picnic Items

__  Portable Grill or Hibachi
__  Charcoal
__  Lighter fluid
__  Fire Extinguisher
__  Grilling tools
__  Oven Mitt
__  Grill Brush
__  Cooking Spray
__  Aluminum Foil
__  Extra Propane if you have a gas grill

Extra Items

__  First Aid Kit
__  Aloe Vera (for grill burns)
__  A spray bottle for flare ups on the grill

(In Contiguous USA)

The Essential Picnic Check List