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Huntington Wood Cupola 48 x 68
Cupola opulence raises a grand house to its highest aesthetic potential. You can elevate your roof even further with a handsome weathervane or finial on top, using the handy built-in mounting...
Sale Price: $1,400.14
Manchester Wood Cupola 36 x 46
Cupola elegance graces your home with the c...
Sale Price: $906.14
Whitehall Cambridge Cupola
A roof cupola adds charm to your home exte...
Sale Price: $467.50

Good Directions Cupolas

Cupola luxury adornments add classic grace to your home. Good Directions cupolas are the finest cupolas you can own. Masterfully designed and crafted, these exceptional rooftop details truly shine, especially if you place a handsome weathervane on top. Majestic copper and wood cupola accents are genuine treasures.

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Good Directions cupolas are available in a great variety of designs and sizes. For sheer luxury, the Coventry Wood Cupola 42 x 57 stands out magnificently. This marvelous home adornment is topped with opulent 24-gauge copper. Deluxe louvers with classically arched frames distinguish this rooftop cupola elegantly. Large houses gain added grace from two of these handsome wood and copper cupola accents in a majestic row.

Natural wood cupolas lend rugged elegance to your home. The Kent Wood Cupola 26 x 32 is built of hand-selected white pine, which you can order conveniently pre-primed for easy staining or painting. Good Directions cupolas are equipped with built-in hardware for easily mounting a classic weathervane or finial. Each cupola is shipped in three discrete segments for supreme ease of handling and installation.

Good Directions cupolas have added grandeur to stately homes since 1982. A wood and copper cupola elegantly adorns a classic roof. A handsome weathervane further enhances the designer appeal. Whether you choose a copper-topped or all wood cupola, you can be assured of superior style. We match any price on luxury Good Directions cupolas.

Good Directions