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Sun-Mar 200 Garden Composter
Make your own compost with the continuous composting Sun-Mar 200 Garden Composter. Ideal for kitchen scraps and a few cut up garden trimmings. With this drum compost tumbler, material is adde...
Sale Price: $314.43
STC CompoSpin Composter
Sale Price: $179.80
Worm Factory 360 Composter
Embrace a beautiful, clean earth by using t...
Sale Price: $118.26

Great Garden Composters and Compost Tumblers

Today, more than ever, gardeners are conscientious about the products they buy and use in their garden. Often, bags of pre-mixed garden soil sold at retail stores contain additives, fillers, and chemicals that can potentially harm plants and animals. Investing in a garden composter or compost tumbler is the best way to guarantee that the soil you apply around your home is completely organic and alive.

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Composting recycles yard waste and other organic household waste into an extremely useful humus-like, soil product called compost. Most items disposed of in the kitchen can be placed in a composter and converted to compost. Yard clippings, even recycled newsprint, can also provide necessary nutrients that combine with heat and oxygen and turn waste into a useful and necessary garden item.

By composters helping to return needed nutrients and organic matter back to your backyard and garden, they also help decrease the quantity of "green" waste being sent to the area landfills. Think of a compost bin as one step beyond placing an empty water bottle in a recycling bin. Recycling is great, but there will ultimately come a point when “green” landfills will no longer be able to convert items efficiently due to overfilling. If items are so compacted together in a landfill, air can’t circulate around them and these items can’t break down.

In a compost tumbler, materials are rotated every day, and the natural cycle of decomposition takes place. Composters speed up the natural process of decomposition appreciably by providing the perfect environment for the microorganisms and thereby speeds the energy and nutrient exchanges taking place. There’s no greener way to reduce waste than by converting it into something you would ordinarily have to buy. Your plants will thank you.

Below are several brands and styles of home composters, from kitchen and countertop composters to garden and outdoor composters. Let Outdora help you begin utilizing this natural eco-friendly process today. Shop Outdora for composters like the fun-shaped
Cosmospin Composter, compost bins like the Wibo 160 gallon Compost Bin, and compost tumblers like the Sun-Mar 200 Garden Composter. Outdora provides unmatched prices and free shipping.