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The Farm House Greenhouse
A portable greenhouse like the FlowerHouse Farm House Portable Greenhouse is an ideal solution when you're mobile or just want a small greenhouse. Made from tough, woven polyethylene Gro-Tec...
Sale Price: $454.06
The Starter House Greenhouse
Create a garden greenhouse environment in y...
Sale Price: $115.46
The Spring House - Clear
A mini greenhouse gives you a head start on...
Sale Price: $275.06

Economy Greenhouses from Outdora

Make the most of your space and budget, while indulging your gardening hobby, with Outdora’s inexpensive, space-efficient line of economy greenhouses. From a mini greenhouse to a tidy 28” cold frame greenhouse perfect for flats and seedlings, to a larger dome-shaped greenhouse able to grow tall plants and trees, you’re sure to find the perfect greenhouse to suit your gardening needs and home décor.

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Crafted with ultra-strong materials, such as Gro-Tec, a reinforced woven polyethylene material that is UV-resistant and 100% waterproof, Outdora’s collection of economy greenhouses are built tough to withstand years of weather and use. Energy efficient, versatile and attractive, these greenhouses will provide the perfect protected environment to grow ornamental and edible plants year-round.

The best thing about our innovative line of economy greenhouses is their versatility. With no special bases required, and no special tools or hook-ups needed, you’ll have your economy greenhouse up and running in no time.

Many of our greenhouses can be installed on either hard or soft surfaces, while some can even be used in water. Our smaller, portable greenhouses can be used to grow and care for seedlings inside your home, on a deck or patio, or in your yard. Best of all, the majority of our greenhouses can be folded and stored when not in use, a unique feature you won’t find in larger, more expensive greenhouse models.

Another bonus featured in many of our economy greenhouses is the use of zippered windows and doors. These allow proper humidity and air circulation while protecting your tender young plants from birds, insects and other garden pests. Open the vents for increased air circulation, which prepares plants for planting outdoors. Close them to raise humidity levels and stimulate seed germination.

Worried that your horticulture hobby might outgrow your chosen greenhouse? Invest in “The Farm House” —a roomy, stand-alone greenhouse with a unique zip-together design that allows you to expand your growing area as you choose. Or else you might consider “The Dream House” —a lightweight, portable greenhouse that also features a zip-together design that allows you to create multiple growing environments to fit your particular mix of plants.

Whichever economy greenhouse you choose, you’ll know that you’re getting the very best in form, function, and versatility — and all at a reasonable price.

Economy Greenhouses