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8 x 16 Snap and Grow Silver Greenhouse
Greenhouse space is an important aspect of growing healthy plants at home, and the Polytex Silver 8x16 Snap & Grow Garden Greenhouse provides plenty of options for your greenhouse garden...
Sale Price: $1,977.30
Extra Large Royal Victorian Greenhouse
A Victorian greenhouse that provides class...
Sale Price: $10,999.00
SunGlo 2100 Series Greenhouse Kit
Whether you’re a professional grower ...
Sale Price: $7,200.00

Extra Large Greenhouses from Outdora

Outdora's extra-large greenhouses are geared towards serious gardeners who need ample room to explore their horticulture hobby. Also great for schools and professional farmers, these top-of-the-line greenhouses utilize the same technology as commercial greenhouses, but at a fraction of the price. Crafted with ultra-strong materials, such as nearly indestructible twin-walled polycarbonate panels and sturdy PVC resin or rust-free aluminum frames, Outdora’s collection of extra-large hobby greenhouse kits are built tough to withstand years of weather and use.

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Energy efficient, versatile and attractive, these greenhouses will provide the perfect protected environment to grow ornamental and edible plants year-round.Our extra-large greenhouses are available in a variety of sizes and styles. From the “Rion GH4-10” which boasts a UV-protected, fully insulated PVC resin frame, to our “Gardener” series, which comes with partition walls to create different growing conditions, you’re sure to find the perfect greenhouse to suit your gardening needs.

A collection of innovative accessories and unique design details give these extra-large hobby greenhouses a professional quality perfect for gardening on a grand scale. For example, our Gardener greenhouses come with a roof pitch of approximately 300, which creates comfortable headroom for gardeners and protects plants from damage caused by dripping water condensation. This same line also features locking double-hinged doors, which are wide enough to accommodate a large wheelbarrow or small tractor.

Another wonderful option can be found with our Rion Greenhouse. This greenhouse has automatic roof-window opener that is able to register temperature changes, gradually opening and closing the windows automatically to maintain the ideal growing environment for your plants.

If installing your greenhouse on uneven or soft surfaces, or if you wish to reinforce its foundation, many of our greenhouses also include optional base kits. Simply fill the hollow base with soil or concrete to safely and securely anchor your structure to the ground.

Best of all, our greenhouse kits don’t require professional assembly.

Easy to assemble, attractive and strong (some models have been snow-tested up to 1,100 lbs and wind-tested up to 80 mph), our extra-large hobby greenhouses are a long-lasting, practical choice that will enhance your grounds for years to come.

Extra Large Greenhouses