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Juliana Extra Wide Mini Lean-to Greenhouse
A lean-to greenhouse fits flush with the exterior wall of a garage, shed, or even the exterior wall of your home to save space, and the Juliana Extra Wide Lean-To Greenhouse exemplifies clev...
Sale Price: $402.00
SunGlo 1500 Series Lean-To Greenhouse Kit
Greenhouses are a great way to pamper your ...
Sale Price: $2,350.00
Juliana Mini Lean-to Greenhouse
A lean to greenhouse gives you the benefit...
Sale Price: $295.00

Lean-To Greenhouses from Outdora

Outdora's line of lean-to greenhouses are perfect for gardeners looking to extend their growing season, but who lack the space for a stand-alone hobby greenhouse. Our lean-to garden greenhouses cleverly utilize the available area on your deck or patio or against your garage, carport or shed to give you all the benefits of a freestanding hobby greenhouse while only using a fraction of the space.

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Crafted with ultra-strong materials, such as virtually unbreakable double-walled polycarbonate panels and sturdy rust-proof aluminum frames, Outdora’s collection of lean-to greenhouses are built tough to withstand years of weather and use. Energy efficient, versatile and attractive, these greenhouses will provide the perfect protected environment to grow ornamental and edible plants year-round. Best of all, because of their height, even our smallest lean-to greenhouses can be used to grow tall plants, or even for starting vines.

Each of our lean-to greenhouses boasts an innovative design that will add to the beauty of your home and landscape, as well as expand your horticulture hobby. From our "Juliana Mini" lean-to, whose small footprint and over six feet of growing space is ideal for decks and patios, to our "Giant Deck" greenhouse, whose ample headroom measures more than eight feet, you’re sure to find the perfect greenhouse to suit your gardening needs and home décor.

Each lean-to model also features a variety of accessories that you’ll find essential to your greenhouse gardening experience. Hinged Dutch locking doors, solar-powered window openers, shelving systems and optional base kits (for added stability during stormy or windy conditions) are only a few examples of what make these greenhouses stand out from the competition.

As most gardening enthusiasts know, hobby greenhouses are a great long-term investment and truly, the best value for your dollar. Our line of lean-to greenhouses utilize the same technology as large commercial greenhouses, but at a fraction of the price and sized to fit your home garden.

Whichever lean-to greenhouse you choose, you’ll know that you’re getting the very best in form, function, and versatility — and all at a reasonable price.

Lean-To Greenhouses