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Large Black Country Bell
Crafted from rust-resistant cast aluminum and coated with weather-hardy paints, the elegant design of our Large Black Country Bell is a musical addition to your home. The garden bell is ideal...
Sale Price: $50.82
Cast Iron Farm Bell
A farm bell crafted from rust-resistant cas...
Sale Price: $59.75
Woodstock Encore Copper Bells
Elegant modern wind chimes like Woodstock E...
Sale Price: $38.31

Garden Bells, Farm Bells, and Bell Chimes

Bring music to a quiet garden nook and an artistic touch to any outdoor space in your home with bell chimes from Outdora. Wind chimes have evolved over the years to include the utilitarian dinner bell that signals family working in the fields on a farm, and finely crafted musical chimes and wind art that creates a tranquil mood and brings harmony outdoors. Garden wind chimes offer romance and atmosphere any season of the year, and create full harmonious sound wherever they’re placed.

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Our meticulously crafted bell wind chimes range in size and scale from a large farm bell, including the Large Black Country Bell, to delicate garden bells that lend warm tones outdoors such as the Woodstock Hanging Garden Bells. With innovative designs and a range of tunings and pitches, our selection of bell wind chimes brings the finest musical tones to your outdoor space. The Large Country Bell with Choice of Ornament is whimsical outdoor garden decor that features the farm animal of your choice—a rooster, duck, black lab, or cardinal perch on top of the windchime crafted from rust-free recycled aluminum.  

Bell-shaped chimes are a delightful alternative to the traditional vertical designs and aluminum tubes featured on many garden chimes. Polished brass and aluminum bells provide a cool, clear chime, and each wind chime hangs easily from tree branches and the eaves of your porch. The Natural Rust Patina Garden Bell & Hook features a mellow patina and color that deepens with exposure to the elements, and a deep tone that evokes the sound of school or church bells. Each of our Bell Wind Chimes is unique; from large, country-inspired bells to shapes that evoke the look of ancient Chinese bells with beaded detailing, to freestanding bell chimes. Garden chimes are lovely garden accessories—display a different style each season, or choose one look to define the setting outside your home.

Crafted for durability and weather-resistance, our bell wind chimes bring enduring color and charm to your home season after season. Browse our full selection of wind chimes crafted from aluminum, glass, copper, bamboo & shells, and much more, all designed to lend enchanting sounds and unrivaled harmony to garden nooks, porches and patios.

Garden Bells