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Big Green Egg 20 pound Natural Charcoal
Don’t expose yourself and the foods you eat to chemical based charcoal. Grill, smoke, and bake all your food using Big Green Egg’s Natural Lump Charcoal. Made with unprocessed solid wood scra...

Big Green Egg Electric Charcoal Lighter
Get your Big Green Egg grill up and smokin’...

Instant Fire Starter
Get your Big Green Egg grill up and smokin&...

Fire Starters & Charcoal

Start a sustained flame at your charcoal grill with fire starters & charcoal from Outdora. Our selection of fire starters and fatwood are designed for quick lighting without the use of a chemical lighter fluid or fire starter. We offer natural choices made from solid wood chips, wood scraps, and twigs that will start a strong fire within minutes so you can get grilling immediately. Many fire starters on the market today feature chemically treated wood or chemical additives that release unhealthy smoke while you cook. Our selection of grill charcoal, including Big Green Egg Natural Charcoal, keeps you and your family safe from any toxins and is long-lasting fuel that burns at an extended rate.

The Big Green Egg Electric Charcoal Lighter is specially designed to fit the shape of a Big Green Egg barbecue grill—simply plug in and get cooking within eight minutes. Or, consider the Instant Fire Starter made from sawdust and paraffin; each box contains 24 wood cubes so a single box will last an entire summer. Browse our grill charcoal selection at Outdora and choose fire starters that suit your needs. Fire starters are essential grill accessories for classic kettle style charcoal grills. Take home a bbq grill and charcoal starter and enjoy the historic pastime of barbecue grilling in your own home.

Fire Starters & Charcoal