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Infratech 33 Inch Electric Comfort Heater 1500W 120V
Infratech W-Series Comfort Patio Heaters turn cold indoor and outdoor areas into comfortable, inviting spaces. The W-Series electric heaters have specifically designed quartz heating elements...
Sale Price: $359.00
Heatstrip 1500 Watt Heater
Infratech 60 inch Electric Slim Line Heater 4000W 240V
A patio heater enables you to extend the s...
Sale Price: $660.00

Ceiling Mounted or Wall Mounted Patio Heaters

Wall heaters or a ceiling-mounted outdoor heater provide ample warmth outdoors after the sun sets, and innovative ceiling heater designs are never underfoot as you lounge outdoors. This assortment includes efficient, space-saving designs made by Solaira, Sunpak, Infratech, Sunglo, and more.

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Our wall heaters make it possible to lounge on your porch or patio even on cool days, and wall heaters offer effortless operation, weatherproof casings, mounting brackets and key safety features. Note models that feature a battery spark ignition with safety pilot and warm areas up to 250 square feet. 48 Inch Twin Eagles Gas Infrared Wall Heaters have two heat settings, a wireless remote and AC adaptor, and the wall heater produces an output of 37,000 BTUs.

This assortment makes it possible to recline poolside or dine outdoors year-round. Suspended models such as the Sunglo 24 Volt Suspended Natural Gas Unit with Auto Ignition radiate warmth from above. This model features a deep aluminum disk reflector that directs warmth to a dining area below, and an electronic ignition and safety shutoff ensure safe use. The Sunglo 24 Volt design also heats an area up to 12-feet diameter. Our assortment includes a range of prices and styles—you’re sure to find a design to suit your space priced at an excellent value.

Outdoor patio heaters are perfect for residential and commercial use, and economical Solaira Cosy Quartz Wall Heaters are another option that provides odorless, eco-friendly comfort. This design features a quartz heat emitter that lasts up to 7,000 hours, and the low-profile design heats a space up 9.5-feet diameter. Ceiling and wall heaters provide instant focused heat that won’t be blown away by passing breezes, and wall heaters save space in entertaining areas. Browse gas and
electric models at Outdora, and accessories including wheel kits and thermostat controls. Select a quality patio heater from Outdora and relax under radiant heat from streamlined wall heaters.

Ceiling or Wall Mounted