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48 Inch Twin Eagles Gas Infrared Heater
The 48 Inch Twin Eagles Gas Infrared Heater has two heat settings for your comfort. The high setting is 37,000 BTUs and the low setting is 25,000 BTUs. This infrared patio heater has stainles...
Sale Price: $1,599.00
PH Series Gas-Fired High Intensity Infrared Patio Heater
The PH Series Gas-Fired High Intensity Infr...
Sale Price: $988.81
Patio Comfort Patio Heater with Push Button Ignition
A patio heater gives you the opportunity t...
Sale Price: $645.95

Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are one of the best investments you can make towards your home, and Freestanding and Wall-Mounted Gas Heaters from Outdora keep you and guests warm and cozy throughout the year. These models maximize use of your outdoor entertaining space, even when the weather turns cold.

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This assortment of gas heaters includes freestanding and wall-mounted gas heaters that warm areas up to 20-feet diameter. These designs are cost-effective solutions to keep your patio toasty during chilly nights. Other features of our gas wall heaters and outdoor patio heaters, such as 48 Inch Twin Eagles Infrared Gas Heaters, include safety shutoffs and protective grilles, battery-operated spark ignitions, and auto on/off controls.

Models in this assortment come in various sizes, styles, and price points, for patios large and small. Outdora carries several stand-alone styles that boast easy portability including the Sunglo Portable LP unit, and the Endless Summer Portable Round design. Other styles can be suspended above a dining area and require no electrical connection. Table top models, like the Patio Comfort Silver Table Top unit, are a convenient way to shed warmth on table tops and bistro dining areas. Outdora also provides a selection of wall mounted and suspended units, and our propane models are portable or can be paired with a propane line hookup. Choose the design best suited for your outdoor space.

We offer a comprehensive selection of electric heaters, gas heaters, and freestanding and wall-mounted patio heater designs. With stainless steel and aluminum casings, each model endures outdoor use without wear. Our outdoor heaters offer focused, radiant heat that warms objects and never ambient air, and gas heaters encourage year-round entertaining outdoors. Our designs are made from high quality materials. Browse coordinating heater accessories and enjoy a safe, efficient heat source outside your home with sophisticated gas heaters.

Gas Heaters