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A patio heater is a valuable addition to your backyard when the weather turns cool, and the radiant heat of outdoor patio heaters from Outdora create year-round outdoor living enjoyment. Select from gas or electric operation, and note we have freestanding, wall-mounted, or tabletop sizes. The glow of radiant heat from an outdoor heater will warm people and objects, (tables, chairs, etc.) but not the surrounding outdoor air that can be easily blown away. Our models are effortless to operate and are made from heavy-duty, weather-resistant aluminum, stainless steel, and more. Outdoor heaters from Outdora are inexpensive to use and simple to maintain, and with patio heater accessories such as Endless Summer Wheel Kits you can move a freestanding portable heater about outdoor rooms.

Patio Heater – Convection vs. Radiant Heaters

While we carry only radiant models for your home, note how its operation differs from convection models. A convection unit warms backyard spaces by blowing air over a hot surface. These models often include ceramic plates and aluminum baffles, and when electricity passes through the ceramic material it becomes warm—that warmth is then absorbed by the aluminum. A fan then blows air over the baffle to distribute the warmth about the room.
Radiant patio heaters such as the Sunpak 34000 BTU Direct Spark Patio Heater provide focused heat, and you can select from our ceiling-mounted and wall heaters. They use electromagnetic infrared radiation to warm nearby objects directly instead of the surrounding air. Radiant energy from a patio heater mimics the warmth of the sun. It’s a totally pure radiation that is absorbed without having physical contact with the heat source or by heating the surrounding air, as in the case with convective heat. A radiant patio heater uses glowing quartz or a metal element and reflector. Browse our outstanding selection for the system that suits your needs. Warm lounging areas from above with a ceiling-mounted patio heater, or warm tabletops and dining spaces with a compact Tabletop Patio Heater.

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Patio Heaters