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8 x 12 Snap and Grow Silver Greenhouse
A greenhouse is a desirable asset for your lawn and garden area, and the Poly-tex Silver 8x12 Snap & Grow Garden Greenhouse offers the convenience of year round gardening. Our range of q...
Sale Price: $1,617.00
6 x 8 Nature Twin-Wall Green Greenhouse
Our compact Green Nature Twin Wall 6 X 8 Gr...
Sale Price: $584.58
8 x 16 Snap and Grow Silver Greenhouse
Greenhouse space is an important aspect of...
Sale Price: $1,977.30

Polytex Greenhouses

Poly-Tex garden greenhouses have strong aluminum frames and polycarbonate panels that provide excellent heat-retention, and corrosion-resistant bolts and connectors to secure the Poly-Tex snap & grow greenhouse. Extend the growing season, protect plants from fall and winter frosts, and cultivate your favorite varieties year-round with a model from this assortment. A garden greenhouse crafted by Poly-Tex is available in a range of sizes to suit your space—choose a snap & grow greenhouse up to 20' long.

This manufacturer uses only the finest materials and heavy-duty components so you can garden in comfort outdoors season after season. The Polytex Snap and Grow models are made with polycarbonate snap glass while the Multi-Line greenhouses are crafted with 4mm polycarbonate panels. Both greenhouse structures provide diffused light and your garden varieties will thrive in a Poly-Tex environment.
Each polycarbonate panel is UV-stabilized so harmful UV rays won’t filter through. Other features of these models include adjustable roof vents for the proper ventilation, and a sliding door for easy access and transportation of growing supplies and greenhouse accessories. The aluminum frame is easy to assemble and employs strong corrosion-resistant bolts and connectors. The heavy-duty base kit is crafted from galvanized steel and will securely anchor the structure to a wood or concrete foundation. These structures endure exposure to the elements without decay.

Shop our greenhouse kits and accessories for your Poly-Tex snap & grow greenhouse including shade cloths, and potting supplies such as a grow lights, thermometers, and seed trays. Our cooling and watering systems make maintaining the proper amount of heat easy, and flooring options from Outdora include attractive stone paver tiles that transform a functional space into a wonderful gardening retreat. Browse heating and ventilation systems for Polytex greenhouses, and miscellaneous supplies including solar light kits. Our collection of gardening equipment is designed to add innovation to your cultivating experience. Start an inspired growing environment today with Poly-Tex greenhouses and accessories from Poly-Tex.

Snap & Grow Review

We looked far & wide for a "Mother's Day" greenhouse, but passed by all those with a "million" screws, bolts & nuts. We were leery of greenhouses listed as "easy assembly" followed by an estimate of 5 to 7 days to complete it. We were equally leery of another vendor's assembly estimate for the Snap and Grow at 5 to 7 hours! We decided on the 6 x 8 Snap and Grow and went looking for the best price; Outdora delivered the best price by far. It was delivered quickly and in perfect shape. At first I thought I was shorted a box (it couldn't all be in two boxes!) but upon examination, everything was there.

After leveling the site the night before, actual construction began at 9 AM the next morning. Our son & daughter came over for the day to assist us. While we worked on the base, they began the actual greenhouse construction using the wordless manual. They were put off at first by practically no written dialogue, but soon found the accurate drawings listing each part and it's ID number made things quite easy.

We live not far from the Strait of Juan de Fuca in WA state. High winds were our main concern, so we made a "foundation" of treated 4x4 timbers, lag bolted together, and tied to the ground over a sheet of weed cloth. It was anchored with a shed tie down kit consisting of stainless cable and 30" augers that screwed into the ground. We finished the interior floor with a layer of sand and garden cement pavers. The steel base that comes with the greenhouse was screwed down to the 4x4 timbers.

While we constructed the base our son & daughter nearly completed the assembly of the greenhouse on our nearby lawn. I was amazed at the lightness of the almost completed greenhouse and feared that it would blow away in the next storm; worries that turned out to be absolutely groundless. Per the instructions, the four (not two) of us lifted the greenhouse onto the steel base. To be honest, this part took more time than it should have as we could not get the base exactly true to square and had to "fit" the greenhouse to the base. It was not as easy as the rest of the assembly, but we could complete that part of the task. Perhaps some sort of "squaring" brackets for each corner of the base would have made the task a bit easier.

The over all construction took nine hours. With an allowance for breaks and lunch, it took just over 7-1/2 hours! Mom was very happy, particularly with the clarity of the windows and the dutch door. We suffered our first spring wind storm and although the greenhouse "complained" a little bit, it didn't move an inch, nor did any of the glazing suffer. After looking at many similar greenhouses, I know we chose the very best one.

Jerry Grant in Sequim, Wa