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Shenandoah Melodies Wind Chimes

Today more than ever, simple pleasures are what it's all about. Shenandoah Melodies have always believed that their wind chimes produce a calm, serene setting that transforms your garden and home in to an enchanting and peaceful place. Their wind chimes reflect their commitment to creating melodic tones that will resonate with your own sense of peace, beauty and sound.

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Shenandoah Melodies are sensitive to breezes and allure your senses with gentle harmonies. Listen to sample audio and see if you don’t feel the mesmerizing mood that is created with the gentle sounds of these stunning musical wind chimes.

Shenandoah Wind Chimes are made of heavy walled aluminum tubes with an aluminum crown. The windcatchers and Spanish Cedar clappers complement your living space with deep rich sounds in the pentatonic scale. Combine the wistful whispers of your musical Shenandoah Melodies Wind Chime with other sizes and scales to create a symphony of sound that surrounds your home and garden.

We encourage you to listen to audio samples of a variety of wind chimes on our website and notice how the gentle tones transform your space and spirit. Outdora offers an enticing selection of wind chimes in a variety of designs and prices.

Shenandoah Melodies